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Mystery Shoppers Needed in Mississauga - Secret shopping jobs available.

Hiring new mystery shoppers in Mississauga for various retail and restaurant assignments.

Earnings up to $28.00 per Hour

Mystery shopping jobs open to Canadian citizens over the age of 18. No Experience Required.


8 New Mystery Shoppers Needed Today

Mystery Shopping in Mississauga

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Mystery Shoppers in Mississauga: Secret Shopping

Formed in 1974, Mississauga is Canada's sixth largest and fastest growing major city with a population of 704,000 that represents diverse global culture. The safest city in the country, Mississauga is a renowned for its commercial activity, arts, culture, parks, entertainment, nightlife and sports facilities. Full of tremendous shopping opportunities and home to Square One, Ontario's largest mall, Mississauga is the place to shop till you drop. Mystery shopping in Mississauga is a robust industry. When looking for mystery shopper jobs, you may be spoiled for choice. The great volume of retailers, restaurants, shops and services in the city offer a wealth of opportunity for a mystery shopper in Mississauga.

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